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Other app keywords
Would it work to use another apps set of keywords as long as it matches your app? Lets say a game like Candy Crush, would I be able to use a keyword like "Candy Crush" if my app is similar to it? I figure just using candy crush though could be a bad idea, so what do you guys think?
Very popular keywords are a bad idea as the competition is hard.

Use the best keywords you can find as long you can make them go through Apple manual review process...
Keyword is essential for apps no matter in App title, description or keyword optimization. To choose an available keywords for your app, you need to take these into consideration:

Relevance: It is the first factor you need to know. Your keyword should be related to your app. In other words, if there is someone searching for one keyword, while it is not related to your app. Even your app is ranking #1, how likely will they be to download your app?

Competition: It has no much impacts if your app is ranking beyond #300 for a keyword even it gets billions of searches a month. Because nobody is willing to scroll the phone to find it as he has to achieve that far in search results.

Searches: If the above 2 resources are similar, you need to choose the keyword based on the number of searches it gets.

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