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Do apps need to look perfect?
I was wondering about how some apps look, some of them are very simple yet effective at drawing in peoples attention. So I was wondering, would I be able to make a simple app with minimal graphics and still get enough downloads/reviews and purchases? I figure as long as the app works and isn't an eyesore, it should be good. Right?
Yes, you should always do a MVP (Minimum viable product ) first. If it sticks, invest on it.
You can try it but by my personal opinion apps with better looks going better.
A lot of people get away with making simple looking apps, but if you want to make an app to sell, I suggest making it look as good as possible. Some people aren't into simple looking apps because they want something for their money, so make it eye catching, or just appealing enough to get by.
Yeah, app should look appealing, attractive and perfect. App icon and screenshots are eye-catchers. Think about this, if you are user, which one you will install, same function app, but one is more beautiful?

Importance of app screenshot

Screenshots are not the most important factor affecting App Store Optimization, but they can decide whether potential users will download your app because they are eyes-catchers. Therefore, your app screenshots are leading the first impression on users, especially your first screenshot which has to resonate with and educate a potential user.

People often prefer to check screenshots than read description because they are much easier and straight for them to give a better idea of how the app actually is than its description.

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I feel apps should be functional more than anything else. Depending on the nature of the app, the looks matter. For instance, for a creative product, the looks matter more than the functionality.
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