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How much does it cost to develop on Apple devices?
A while back I heard that Apple devices require a fee to make apps, or shall I say you need to purchase some kind of developer kit? Anyways since I've mainly developed for android devices I was wondering how I would go about developing for Apple devices? I was wondering how much it would cost me?
Mainly i use android developement, java i don't think they require paid softwares for develop.
$99 for Apple (iOS) and $25 for Google. (Android)
This depends on several factors. But the most important factor is the time. How much time it's take. From this comes the price of development. If you are interested in details, you can read this two posts
there is a lot of useful information on this matter
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Here they say an app like Instagram would cost like $80,000… To tell the truth, I expected even higher prices
You have to pay for a developer account, it costs 99$ per year in AppStore. Once you have it, you can start uploading as much apps as you want.
For uploading the apps, and develop, it depends on what language you want to code.
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First of all, the cost of an app is based on your priorities and the development team. Of course, different variations can take place here
Really interesting information you can find here
a good question to ask - go to this link get to know some idea

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