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Methods to Increase Downloads
Share your methods for getting downloads. Angel

How successful is by promoting it on Facebook and Youtube .

Is there any better method.
My methods are simple, I usually focus on advertising on social media (facebook, twitter, YouTube, Google+ and more) as well as doing reviews for reviews, and even sometimes paying some people to download. I know it's not the best way to go about it, but it can work. YouTube is a big one because if it's a good quality video, users will see it and hopefully download it.
My paid methods are

1. Buying on fb
2. Buying on adwords
5. (small buys)
6. appbrain
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#4 seems to offer nice bundles.
What kind of services would you buy on Fiverr?
Downloads, ratings and reviews.
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Buying installs directly is the best method for most publishers.

According to this method, apps will get many organic installs from real users in a short period. If your app can get higher reviews or more positive reviews, apps will boost the overall ranking. Then the app can be pusher to rank top fast and shortly. Among this period, the app will attract more organic installs from new users.

For app installs and reviews,
would be helpful as I know.
From my experience, rewarded downloads are great for boosting the ranking; when keywords are in a good position you can boost them (a precise boost on the single keyword) and take it to the top. At this point, if the app is good, the organic traffic starts to flow.

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1. A Proper Name
2. Rating and Reviews
3. Right translation in app localization
4. Keywords
5. Introduction of your team
6. Work with Other Developers
7. Make a video as use guide
8. Offer Tangible Benefits to Customers
prefer ADS on social media + ADwords with High audience Targeting
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