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Keywords that work no matter what
Is there anyway there's keywords out there that work for any app out there? I was wondering because I'd like as many ways of getting some increased traffic, and if I can use any keyword out there to get traffic to my apps, it would be very much appreciated. Can you share some tips on this?
the ways of optimizing keywords:

Analyze your competitors
The competitors' keywords are the precious recourse to create your own keywords, you can make use of the popular keywords among competitors - creating the relevant, competitive and localized keywords to improve the search ranking of keywords.

Add in title
Be sure to put the inportant keywords in your app title, because Google Play data shows that the title contains keywords can improve 10.3% ranking in the app store.

add in IAP
IAP is also an important factor to affect the search ranking of your app, you can add some relevant keywords to optimize your keywords.

Use short keywords
You must know that  the characters is limited in 100 characters, if you choose a long keyword it will give you exposure for that keyword only, but if you can choose 2 keywords of the same accumulative length then it will give you more exposure to the search results.  The more keywords you have, the easier to improve app store keyword ranking.

Avoild the connectors and save some spaces
 There are few words which are known as connectors: a, of, the, etc. There is no need to use  words in your keywords. It is very much useful to avoild them and use them for some more keywords.

After you optimizing your keywords, if you want to your app get a good rank in app store, ASO is necessary. If you know little about ASO, you can cooperate with APP store Optimization Companies, they provide profession ASO services.
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