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Getting too many downloads bad?
Is getting too many downloads in a small time period bad? I ask because I want to purchase downloads and reviews soon and I was wondering if I bought a lot and got a lot in a single hit, if that would be a bad thing? I figure a few downloads here and there would be ideal, but I still want a lot of downloads. Any suggestions?
Well, I believe if there's a spike in downloads and then low activity afterwards, it could be a sign that someone is buying downloads. I think the best thing to do, if you do pay to get people to download your app, is to have one download every hour or so, or a few every hour. Not the same amount every hour though, maybe one here, four there, etc.
Getting a group of downloads in one time frame and nothing the next time frame is not a good way to gain downloads. You need to level it out, make it look like it's getting a download every so often, essentially a few here and a few there. Many people get caught when they pay for downloads, because so many times people bunch up and download a thing at once. And sometimes that's not good. It's okay to have a few at a time, maybe more, but make sure more people download later if you can.
No, there's no such thing as " too many downloads".

The more the best. Also, climbing the top charts means getting "free" downloads from the visibility you start to gain.
I would spread the purchased installs over a few days. If app is new, you need that initial boost on google play
More downloads + good reviews = better position with keywords..

I have tested this over and over, and this is how is see the model is right now.. i have tested things, but this is the model..

Offcourse google changes overnight sometimes, so changes will always be made.. the story tomorrow is maybe different

If someone says, (Many downloads is not good) then he is not playing big.. downloads is what all the big company wants, how they get them, they really don't care..

But yeah they are not going around buying reviews here and there, right now the biggest advertise on tv in every country.. almost..

TV commercials is another game.. can't talk about that.. i need a lot of money, for that to go well.
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More downloads + good reviews = better position with keywords..
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The problem you could have is:

- you have a big jump in the ranking at the beginning
- as fast as you went up, you go down

if you use targeted downloads as well, you can increase the ranking of your most relevant keywords and generate a good flow of organics, which will support your ranking as well. But keep in mind that you need to have a good app to make this process working


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You do not have problem if your installs are organic instead of virtual machine did.
But your app will rank higher to up in a short period as well as rank down suddenly.

You can generate the organic installs slowly with less quantity. Then it will rank top and keep longer high ranking.

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As long as all the reviews are real, I mean, from real people instead of virtual machine.
Once app stores caught you have fake reviews, your app would be very likely removed from the store, and you account would be banned. I know, it sounds terrible.
Besides, iOS app market is more strict than Android.

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