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E-mail marketing an app
So I don't know if E-mail marketing is very useful these days, but I would love to give e-mail marketing a try. Maybe start a site for a future app for people to sign up to get updates on the future app, and that way I can market the app to their e-mails. Is this still a useful way?
Email marketing is always useful especially if you have enough free time.

You don't need to invest barely nothing except your time. And results can be awesome, so why not give a try
Yes, email marketing is still an useful way to promote your app, but there are many other useful app promotion ways,  details as follow, hope those methods are useful  to you.

Social Media

You can make full use of social media to promote your app, like sharing your app link on facebook, linkedin, google+ etc, you also  can join some relevant groups to marketing your app.

Take part in relevant activities
By taking part in relevant activities,  you not only can expand your personal connections, but also can gettin much more promotion methods from other developers simultaneously.

Positive reviews
You can guild and incentivize users to leave good feedback, beacuse most audiences prefer to choose an app which has much more positive reviews. If there are not much users of your app, you can get app reviews from reviews providers(like reviewapp4u).

If your budget is enough, you can advertize your app in app store, facebook ,google, relevant forum etc.

App store opitimization
Generally speaking, when comparing with Ads, users give a little bit more trust to the natural search result. So, in my opinion, the ASO is better than app store ads. If you don't know much about ASO, you can cooperate with app store optimization companies, which provide professional ASO services, and much cheaper than advertising.
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