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some tips while buying app installs
I have bought app installs for my Android and iOS apps always when I launch my apps so I would like to share with you some tips while buying app installs:

High retention Installs. High retention rate increases the chances of app installation from Google Play Store because users generally check the stat of app’s success. Chances of uninstalling your app is highest in the duration of first 3 days.
Installs come from different devices and unique IPs
Geo Targeting. You can target your marketing campaign worldwide or you can target it towards specific country or set of countries.
All installations will be from 100% REAL users, so your apps stay safe.
Payment options. I recommend you providers who use PayPal as you can request the money back if they scam you because PayPal does have Buyer Protection.
There are a lot of providers who provide app installs (I have tried oilymob , appruz ,4xn ), I can make a conclusion that Steamseo is the best company which provide app installs service. I’ve had great success with their team specially with installs and reviews and because my app installs increased for 360%.   steamseo provide self service

Skype; steamseo9

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