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It is Good to Buy Keyword App Installs for Android — Know Why
Do you have an android app with great and unique features but still struggling to get users or Google Play ranking?

If yes, then it is because your ranking on Google Play is not up to the mark and you are lagging in competition with other applications which may have less nice feature than you application does have.
Let us consider a scenario to understand it better. Let us assume we have an android app for Swimmers. Suppose you are searching a similar app in Google Play store and typed keyword swim speed tracker. The apps that appear on the top and are with great reviews will catch your attention, right? And you’ll install one of them. Will you scroll to next page or the last page to find an app of great features? You will not.
So, it is very simple to depict that the higher the visibility is on Google Play, the higher chances you have to get attentions and increase the chances to earn profit from you app.
Now the question is: how I can get the desired ranking on Google Play Store?
You have to use Keyword Installs to attain it, if you want effective results quickly.
About 65% downloads are result of simple app store searches. You need to find best keywords for your app to use in organic searches.
But wait, it is enough to use optimize with keywords only to increase the potential chance of increased ranking in Google Paly Store?
App promotion in Google Play uses the CPI or cost per install calculations to measure the popularity. It also uses the organic factor of the installs in consideration. So, when you buy keywords installs and you pay, the vendor starts to promote your app by installing it. There are resulting installs come with lesser cost when you buy keyword install .This directly affects the ranking of the app and helps the app to gain a better incremental growth.
When you buy keyword installs, you reach a point where your app has experienced many installs in a short frame of time and it increases the organic factor dramatically.
There can be non paid installs too, but Google consider paid installs for the CPI calculations. So, you should  buy keyword installs.
Where can I buy keyword app installs from in my budget?
Now that we have understood that it is good to buy keyword app installs if you want to rank top in Google Play Store Ranking using organic searches.
To buy installs from a trusted service provider, visit STEAMSEO . The appinstall service of steamseo will help to get you real users and from diverse geographic location and will deliver thousands of app installs per day which will push your app to the top ranks. The fast service and affordable costs will perfect for your new app.
Why it is good to buy keyword app installs for android (summed up) :-
  • Buying keyword installs increases the organic factor of the app and it affects the Google Play Store CPI ranking.
  • Increased app installs, increase your visibility in Google Play Store and thus rate of genuine organic installs get increased.
  • The more your app is installed, the more your chances of getting reviews increased.
  • Good number of genuine app reviews through app installs increases the rankings of your app in Google Play Store and thus mouth to mouth promotion and social sharing gets increased.
  • Google counts the installs majorly when you pay for it. So, you should buy keyword app installs to increase your business through your Android application.

Skype; steamseo9

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