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where can i buy app installs ?
Currently there are many ad networks that are claiming to offer incentivised Android & iOS installs - but not all are providing real human installs. The difference can be hard to ignore once you invest into bot based app installs - which might end up dropping your app rank.
Before you go for app install campaign - you must make sure that you’re dealing with a company with long standing reputation.
I’ve been helping quite a lot of app owners lately and in the process have tried most of the companies, they all claim more or less the same thing, but once you deal with them - you’ll see they all have limitations and only specialise in certain type of installs.
My Top three installs provider:

    * Steamseo - Specialises in High Quality premium installs for ranking, more focused on Keyword search, High retention and USA or Europe Based based installs. If you’re a startup - then this would be the best option for ranking and building a proper foundation for your app’s organic growth. steamseo provide self service platform there you can create your campaign and track live results and get full detailed reports like : user ip ,mac ,country and device etc.

    * 9xen - If number of installs at the cheapest rate is your prime objective, then 9xen would be the best option for Standard installs. They are cheap and one of the leading providers of Bulk Standard installs.

    * AppInsta - I’e personally dealt with this company for various campaigns for our clients, Appinsta is another best option for Android & ios App Installs , they provide real human incentive installs on cpi , cpa , cpc basic.

My first choice - none other than only one STEAMSEO - Because Steamseo is actually a big platform for the app developers steamseo can deliver thousands of unique installs per day if required, pushing your app towards the top rankings. App Installs - Android Installs, iOS Installs at Affordable Price. Promote your Android / iOS App on CPI, CPA,, CPC, CPM, basic.
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