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The Types Of Traffic - incentive & non incentive
Hello !

I have bought some installs from steamseo good place for quality app traffic, there are others places also like Google own Admob and Facebook Ads which are very expensive.

There are two type of traffic for Apps :

Incentive Traffic
The traffic coming from all types of ads in return for a reward. The user is asked to complete a specific task in return for a reward. This action might be watching a short video while using an app, suggesting an app to friend, download an app, or register to a service. The reward may also be differ from collecting money, credit, or currency for the app, to a discount, coins, etc.

[Image: affiliate-marketing-ppt-for-the-beginner...1519713328]
There are many good source for Incent traffic like steamseo , app insta , 9xen , oilymob  they provide good traffic in cheap price and great customer support

Non-Incent Traffic
Generally, non-incent installs make a more expensive advertising option in comparison with incent installs. Non-incent installs could take longer to come up with, meaning this might not be the best option for you should you be wanting to accomplish a “Top Category” ranking just after launch, in order to find more exposure. There many place for Non-incent traffic like Facebook ADS, Admob etc.

Skype; steamseo9

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