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Understand Keyword Installs :-

Keyword Installs means when a user search your app on google play store, it count at which position your app is available. Like if my app is at 10th position at Android play store search rank then user search your app name and install your app. When lots of user do same thing and once it increase number of installs then app will automatically increase on google play store.

Appinsta is the best place to buy Keyword Installs :-

[Image: DcpIbB5V0AArhgo.jpg]

Appinsta is the best place for Keyword Search Installs

[*]Users pay a lot of time while choosing the best apps for their Android or iPhone at Play Market and App Store. Therefore, they pay a lot of attention to the number of app’s installs. In fact, most developers buy Android & iOS installs in order to improve their apps’ visibility. Since this is the easiest way to gain app popularity, there is no need for them to think through other ways. Besides, users are full of belief that often-downloaded application is one of the most efficient. Consequently, buy Android & iOS App downloads to ensure effective promotion of your app at App Store.

[*]Worldwide collecting install by install will bring impressive results, especially when you seek for a proper visibility and more downloads. If you want your app to face a real boost, order our services immediately, and you will get the following advantages:

[*]App Store ranking improvement-

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With such a bunch of advantages, purchasing Android & iOS installs can become the best decision for your app promotion, besides you can choose campaign where you can pay per install.
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