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Create Your First Campaign @ , Cpi 0.10
There are many platforms to buy app installs. One of them I can suggest is steamseo . It is a self-service mobile advertising platform that creates, manages and measures mobile ad campaigns by using a genius artificial intelligence and machine learning.

It uses CPI system which is the most efficient and cost-effective bidding system for mobile apps since it doesn’t make any other expenses than installs.

Also, it is so easy to use, you’ll only manage with one single dashboard and track all the important metrics and the information flows from there.

To create a campaign, you simply need to:                                              

Sign Up to the platform(free). Then verify your account.
Add Your App’s Market URL and create campaign here

choose campaign type Like :            1. Standard Installs
                                                    2. High Retention Installs
                                                    3. Geo Target Installs

Launch Campaign: Start driving growth with steamseo . After that, you can monitor the ad performance by exporting daily, weekly, monthly reports that show in-app events and app store metrics so that optimize your ads by finding the most profitable customers and channels at the lowest costs.

Skype; steamseo9

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