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Part Three:Reality check of Blackhat ASO
Today, the introduction will be the basic rules and item price for blackhat ASO service.
Before the marketing, ASO company will settle a price according to the keywords. As for most ASO companies, they usually ask for pre-paid, which is normally 50 percent of the total price. But that is not a given. Altough the effects of blackhat ASO has flourished and once reaching the rank, it will benefit a lot for both sides, the customer will decide to pay depending on the final effects, casue no one can guarantee all the keywords should be on the rank.
Here comes the rule:
1, 6 hours above within one day for top 3 positions can be regarded as reaching the standard.
2,70% of keywords list on the rank within one day was regarded as reaching the standard.
3,If the orders halt(Keywords will not be on the rank more than 48 hours), and 30% of keywords are not listed on the rank. Custermors have the right to cancel the order and ask for refund.
4, 70% of keywords reaching on the rank will require total delivery. If the rate of keyword number is between 30% and 70%, the price will be caluated according to the formula:
the number of days that meet the standard * unit price by day + the number of keywords that on the rank * unit price by word
As for the price, actually, some big ASO companies have their own quotations.
[Image: main-qimg-a155386ca741d074c8e9c31bf7617036.webp]
[Image: main-qimg-bcc866392584ccbfe376ad913aecf81c.webp]
And the price can be changed due to the time and some uncertain factors caused by App Store or Google Play.
For more details, please feel free to contact me directly or visit our webiste:App promotion and mobile data analysis platform Besiades, I will continue to update articles and unveil the mysterious blackhat ASO industry in China.

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