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How to make your app outstanding than your competitors
Hi friends, whether in iOS app store or google play store, there are millions of apps are competing with yours, so how to make your app more outstanding than your competitors is very important. Here are some ways you can do to achieve this goal.

1. App store optimization
As I wrote before, this is an very important factors for boost app rankings and make your app get more downloads. So you could first do app store optimization, here are some methods I wrote before, I write here again and it is convenient for you to read.

App title
A good app title can not only help to attract users attention, it can gain market in ASO. Please pay attention that do not only put words together, also make the statement smoothly, and if the words appear in the keywords, you should not put it in the app title.

The first thing you have to do is to find out which keywords define your app and which ones are going to bring traffic to your app store listing. Find the hot words in the field of you app, which once put it in the search box, you app can be searched easily in the app store. And analyze your competitors' hot words, then build your own hot words bank. Do not waste any characters, and you don't need to add a comma between the words.

App description
This is also not useful for search optimization, but when a user consider if download this app or not, they will have a look at the description of you app, so make the description with an attractive copywriting.

App icon
This is not useful for search optimization, but it is useful for the conversion rate of download. Beautiful or cool icon absolutely attract more users to download the app. So make a well-designed icon.

App screenshots and videos
Like app icon, using attractive screenshots to show the advantages of your app. And make a short video to show the function of your app.

If you don't know how to do ASO, you can cooperate with a professional company. Here I recommend you ASOTOP1. It is a reliable company which can help increase your app downloads and boost app ranking through providing ASO service. The mainly way is to optimize your app keywords to make more people install your app and attract more and more people. 

2. Get more positive app reviews and high ratings
This is an important element, there are some researches show that 70% users download an app after see the reviews, the higher rating your app get, the more download you can get. Imagine yourself as a users, would you like to download the app with much 2/3 ratings? You can find your friends and relatives' help to write some positive reviews for you. But the most effective way to get positive reviews is to buy app reviews from reliable companies, here I recommend you Reviewapp4u, which can provide positive reviews from real users.

3. Advertise
This method can increase the exposure of your app, make more people know your app and download your app. You can choose social media advertise, video ads, or forum ads. This is an useful way, but also an expensive way.

You can choose the methods you like or according to your budget. Thanks for reading~
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