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Do App Store Optimization
Hi friends, long time no see. It is very nice to see you again. 

Today I want to talk about how to do App Store Optimization. 

Now, first we should learn what is App Store Optimization.

App Store Optimization, it is specifically what increases the visibility of your app in the marketplace. The higher its rank, the more users will find your app when they search, then the more downloads will generate. This is a very useful methods. Through optimizing the app title, keywords, icon, screenshots and description, make your app be searched easier in the app store.

Here are some tips about how to do App Store Optimization which can give you some guidance.

1. Optimizing App Titles
Keep your app name short and attractive, easy to spell, and memorable. Try your best to choose a app title that reflects what your app Users should not scroll past your app when looking for something to fit their needs.

2. Create an Eye-catching Icon
App icon is the first thing people sees in the app store, so it is very important to choose an eye-catching one. As users scroll through the app store, yours should pop out as eye-catching and recognizable. You should also keep the app icon as straightforward as possible, and not too flashy. People usually not like the gaudy one.

3. Keywords Search Optimization
Keywords is very help for increasing the app visibility in the app store, most people prefer to use keywords search to discover new apps or find apps whether they have heard about or not. They would like to show their intention by typing into the Store search bar. If you want to attract the audience to find your app easily, you had better fill keywords in the app title and description which match the user’s keyword search terms. With this method, it will strongly push your message same as showcase your app to the relevant audience.

If you do not know how to do it to boost your app ranking, you can cooperate with ASOTOP1, buy app installs from it, and they can help you do keywords search optimization, and help you increase app downloads and boost app store ranking via keywords search optimization.

4. Get as much as positive reviews and high ratings
Over 70% users will look through reviews and ratings when they tend to download apps. Positive reviews and high ratings attract users to install, while negative reviews and low ratings cause users skip over this app without hesitation. Therefore, you need to try your best to get positive app reviews and buy high app ratings. To quickly achieve this goal, you can buy positive app reviews and high ratings from reliable company.

5. Using Eye-Catching Screenshots and Videos
Beautiful or cool screenshots absolutely attract more users to download the app, so make some well-designed screenshots.
Making a video may be difficult but it can increase install rates by more than 23% according to StoreMaven. Here are some of the essential elements of an effective app marketing video:
  1. Use the first 5 seconds to grab the viewer’s attention
  2. Focus on the best features, instead of all features
  3. Your video should make sense even with the sound turned off
  4. Include a call-to-action
6. Optimizing App Description
when a user consider if download this app or not, they will have a look at the description of you app, so make the description with an attractive copywriting. Most people can only see the top two or three lines of description. Therefore, the first 3 lines description should reflect the target users' needs, and fully explain the features of your app.

Above are some methods about how to do App Store Optimization, these can help your app get more downloads and rank a high position in the app store. 
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