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Take Best ASO Practices to Get More App Downloads
You must know many ASO tips and guide as an app developer. ASO is definitely a good choice if you want to improve app ranking. What I want to share with you for today are some useful best ASO practices to get more app downloads.

1. Keyword optimization
Use an app store optimization tool like App Annie or Sensor Tower, to monitor chosen app keywords and discover more and to monitor your rank in your selected field.
2. Eye-catching app icon
An app icon is the first thing a user would see and it has to stand out. Don't clutter and don't write too much text on it. Also, try placing your icon among various app icons and do a look test.
3. App ratings and reviews
Positive app ratings and reviews, both in terms of quality and quantity, have a huge impact on ASO, so it's in your best interest to get as many as you can. You might send a push notification to encourage users to review your app or just buy some from the professional provider like ASO2Top.

All in all, hope these practices could be helpful to increase app downloads. We will keep on updating the related ASO guide for you.
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