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Best app store optimization methods
App Store Optimization is the process of improving your app’s visibility in the app store. Data shows that over 70% users download an app through searching in the app stores, so ASO is a great way to promote app. It also can boost your app store ranking and make your app in the top charts. Here I want to share some useful ASO strategies.

1. Choose the right category
An important part of ASO is making sure that your App is listed in the right category. By making the right choice you can significantly improve your rankings. What’s more, choose the right category can also increase the conversion rates.

2. Optimizing App Title
Create a simple but attractive name, and also make it competitive. This is because app title is the first piece of the clue telling your potential users what your app is. A good app title gets your app in the search results - data shows that using keywords in app title can result in up to a 10.3% increase in rankings.

3. Keywords search optimization
When you choosing keywords, you should take relevance, competition and traffic into consideration. Some words are worth competing for, but choose your battles wisely.

Relevance: Your keyword should be related to your app. In other words, if there is someone searching for one keyword, while it is not related to your app. Even your app is ranking #1, how likely will they be to download your app?

Competition and traffic: The trick here is to hit the right balance between the different levels of traffic and difficulty.

4. Optimizing App Description
App stores grant more weigh on app description into ios app store algorithm. In the first few sentences you really need to grab your audiences’ attention so make sure to highlight all the awesome benefits, incentives, features and functionalities of your app. Put some hot words in the description.

5. Get Positive Reviews and High Ratings
Reviews and ratings also play an important part in the rank algorithm, helping your app show up for relevant key terms. If your reviews in app stores including some related keywords you didn’t have the chance to fill in the keywords or the description filed, then you can add these keywords in app reviews, which can increase keywords coverage. The more keywords your app covers, the more chances your app will get to be noticed and installed. Maybe it is difficult to make your users write positive reviews for you, but you can buy app reviews and ratings from third parties with required keywords, which can also increase app ranking. Data also show that nearly 70% users prefer to download an app which has much more positive reviews and higher ratings. So this is an important part for promoting your app
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