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To Increase App Downloads and Improve App Ranking Rapidly
Want to get your app into top 1 of the app store? Then many users will find your app when they are searching for what they need.This is a goal for all of the app developers. But how to finish it? 
Read the following contents to know how to improve app ranking rapidly via doing ASO.

1. Increase App Downloads
If the app stores see that almost every user that comes to the page of your app and download it, chances are going to rising in the ranking. You can share your app on some social media or just try to buy keyword installs to increase app downloads rapidly. And then you can get more organic installs.
2. Get App Ratings and Reviews
Almost all the users judge the quality of an app according to the app ratings and reviews of others. What’s more, app ratings and reviews are an integral part of the ranking algorithm for app searches in the app store. So you can buy some 4/5-star ratings and qualified reviews from ASO2Top, which is safer and faster provider to promote your app. And now the have the last discount in 2017, you buy more, you will get more free.
3. Update Regularly
You can keep updating your app to make your app fresh, and users enjoy all your differences. You should solve some bugs they have mentioned in feedback. The app store always loves your update.

You can try these ways to optimize your app. And your app will get ranked soon. Hope all of you can finish your goals.
Good luck!
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Also good app reviews can help increase app installs. Data show that nearly 80% users will download the app according to the reviews given by other. If your app have many good reviews, they will download your app, otherwise, they will download others. So app developers also should try their best to get more good reviews. Here I recommend you buy high quality app reviews from Reviewapp4u, it is a reliable company which can provide real users reviews. They have helped many app developers, and they have rich experience in this aspect. Developers also can have a try on it.
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