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Buy high app ratings to boost your app ranking
Hello friends, Today I want to talk about the importance of app rating. The app stores use an algorithm to determine how the apps rank. If an app has a lot of positive reviews and high ratings relative to the number of downloads the app stores rank them higher, so its always important for any developer to get lots of downloads and lots of reviews and ratings. 

App ratings will affect app ranking and installs on app stores. It decides the first impression of users. An app with high ratings leaves a good impression on users and takes the fancy of them, which will increase its installs and boost its ranking. What’s more, it brings huge profits to developers. Therefore all developers should try their best to get high app ratings by means of these discussed methods.

And data shows that 12% users will download the app with 1 star, 15% users will download 2 star, and 50% about 3 star. But for the apps with 4 star, download rate is as high as 96%, 100% for 5 star. That is to say, 90% won't download the app when see it only have 1 star ratings and reviews. So it is easy to see how important app rating is.

But according to the experience and research, it is really difficult to get high app rating from your app users. They are not willing to waste their time to review for your app. And usually when they feel unsatisfied with your app, they are willing to give low app ratings. So the most effective way to get high app rating is to buy app rating from a reliable company, here I recommend you ASOTOP1, they can provide high app rating from real users, not fake ratings from bot. They have rich experience in this aspect and have helped many app developers. They also have money back guarantee. If you have any need, you can have a try.
Buyappratings Grow Users on App Store and Boost Revenue with 5-Star Ratings.

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