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How to ask for positive app reviews easily?
App reviews are very important for developers to increase app downloads, because almost eveyone will check the app reviews before downloading an app, and they trust the reviews as personal recommendation,while 80% users have changed their minds about downloading an app based solely on the negative reviews they read.Then get positive app reviews is a great way to boost app downloads. Here are some easy ways to ask for positive reviews for u:

Build a high-quality app
Making an app which is just good is not good enough when the competition is fierce.You should develop an app based on potential users' needs. Do a research on user’s needs and build exactly what will satisfy them, then there is a great chance that the users will give your app a positive reviews.

Make It Easy to Leave a Review
 If you want your users to leave feedback voluntarily, you should simplify the process of leaving a review. It is something you ask for and it should be as easy as possible. Make it clear where to click and where to write the review for them.

Incentivize users

People do not find the need to drop a review on an app. They use the app, enjoy it with never having any need to give feedback. This problem can be curbed by proper guidance on why it is important to leave a review. And this is something that only you can drive your audience to do. You can use IAP and offer wall to guide users to review your app.

Use an App Review Plugin
If you need a quick and easy solution to get feedback, app review plugins will help you to do that. You can easily find an iOS or Android plugin to use for your app. While your users are within your app, it‘ll be much easier to persuade them to leave feedback.

Buy APP Reviews - a good method for new apps

More than 70% users would not go about downloading an app before reading through app store reviews at the minimum. For an application to be a success soon, getting a handful people to positive app reviews it beforehand can result in a high number of download. I recommend you get app reviews from bestreviewapp, the minimum order is 10 review, really cost effective, a good choice for new app developers.

Hope these methods are useful to u.
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