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where to promote android app?
About where to promote android app, based on my experience, the best place is the app stores, because most people discover new apps by browsing or searching keywords on the app stores. Here are some effective ways to promote app on the android app stores. 

Increase app ranking on the app stores
When people browsing on the app stores to discover new apps, most of them just browsing the top 10 apps, and the top 3 apps accounts for the 75% search traffic. If your app reach to top 3, you can expect tens of thousands of downloads. To boost app ranking on the app stores, one of the most important step is choosing keywords, besides relevance, you should also take difficulty and traffic into account. You can target those keywords which have low difficulty and traffic at the first stage, which are much easier to rank for. Be sure to place them in app title and description, which can increase your app ranking with the specific keywords.

Appeal Optimization
By optimizing the following facors, you can increase the download rate effectively:
  • Optimize your app title - An app with a good title will easily be downloaded by audience.
  • Design an attractive app icon
  • Optimize your app description - List new features and outstanding features in first 3 lines description.
  • Attach some good screenshots - Your app screenshots should be descriptive, exciting and in high-quality.
Maximize Keywords
In addition to incorporating keywords into your description, app stores also ask you to list search terms relevant to the app in the “keywords” section. Include as many keywords as the form will allow to make sure your app is as visible as possible in app stores search engine.You can increase your app keywords coverage with the following methods:
  • Replace Spaces with Commas in Keywords
  • Avoid Repeating Keywords
  • Use digits not words
  • Use Shorter Keywords
  • Wipe off connectors and stop words
Gain positive app reviews
An positive review often relates to increased app downloads. Users will be convinced when they see your app have gained many positive reviews from your former or existing users and choose your app. And most people will check the app reviews before downloading an app, then get app reviews is one of the best ways to increase app downloads.

Hope those methods are useful to you.
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