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Best Methods to Boost Your Android App Downloads
With millions of apps on  the android app stores, convincing users to download a new app is extremely challenging. Even more so for indie developers. Hopefully, there are 5 best methods to boost your android app downloads.

App Store Optimization
ASO is the process of improving a mobile app’s visibility in the store by optimizing each metadata element (app title, description, keywords, screenshots, etc.) according to the store and trends’ best practices. The most important part of it is choosing keywords, when you choose keywords, you should take relevance, competition and traffic into consideration.

The point is to make the app more visible in the app stores and to increase its discoverability. By doing so, app users are more likely to find the app in the store, and consequently, the number of downloads will increase naturally. Data shows that over 65% users discover new apps by searching or borowsing on the app stores, then ASO is a great way to boost app downloads.

Appeal Optimization
Appeal Optimization is as important as ASO. Even if your app rank top 10 in app stores, if users don’t immediately see the value it can have for them, the app installs will remain low. You can optimize appeal from the following aspects:
  • App Title. Keep it Clear and unique.
  • Using attractive icon, screenshots and attractive videos.
  • Writing a great description. Keep it short and simple. Highlight your app features and advantages in first 3~5 lines
Consider Alterative App Stores
Besides Google Play, there are various other app stores on the online market where you can upload your app, such as GetJar, SlideMe, Opera Mobile Store, AppsLib,Amazon Appstore, etc.
Data shows that, if an app is submitted on other relatively less popular stores, it will increase the expected downloads 200% more compared to Google Play.

Cooperate with influencers
Most people like to follow others and be influenced by the words of some celebrities or well-known business people - having high-profile Facebook pages with 100,000+Likes mentioning your app is a huge win. Reach out to organizations whose goals align with yours, and give them a compelling reason to mention or link to your app on their page.

Get Positive Reviews
Another great way to drive more downloads is by getting positive reviews. App users rely on other app users’ opinions before downloading an app, users will be convinced when they see your app have gained many good comments from your former or existing users and choose your app. If you have bad reviews or a low number of reviews, you can be sure that your conversion rate will be very low.

Plus, the Play Store algorithms takes reviews  into account in order to rank apps, if the app shows a lot of positive reviews, it will be favored and push to the top of the search results. 

Hope the 5 methods are useful to you.
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