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iOS 11 App Store Optimization
According to Apple's data, about 65% of all iOS apps are discovered through App Store search, which means that you should be sure to do well in App Store Optimization, which aim to boost app ranking on the App Store,  so you have the best chance of being found in search. Here are something you to know about App Store Optimization in iOS 11. 

App Name
In iOS 11, the maximum characters in the app name reduce to characters. So now it’s even more important that you pick valuable keywords to place in your app name. You should place one or two keywords in your app name, because keywords in your app name will be ranked higher than keywords in your keyword list.

App Subtitle
It's some kind of like the short description on Google Play,  and it is limited to 30 characters in iOS 11.  The keywords in your subtitle also play an important role in the App Store ranking algorithm, so be sure to add a few of your best keywords.

Promotional Text
This is new field which appears above the app description, it is limited to 170 characters in iOS 11. You can change it without complete app updating.

App Description
In the new version of the App Store, the description remains fixed and the developers can’t change it without submitting a new version. In the previous version of the Store, the description didn’t affect keywords rankings. Yet it is still to confirm that with the new one it will remain the same.

App Preview Videos
Preview Videos get an upgrade in iOS 11. Videos autoplay without sound on your app’s product page. So make sure the videos persuasive.

App Ratings and Reviews
Only the overall average rating will be displayed in iOS 11. You can determine when you reset the average rating of your app. In the new App Store 2.0 the role of ratings and reviews has been seriously elevated.

Moreover, apps now will appear on search results with rating, which created a foremost importance for developers to take care of their user experience and ensure positive feedback from their users. What's more, 95% users will take the app reviews as one of the most important reference factors to judge the app.

Then get app ratings and reviews are also good ways to promote apps.

In-App Purchases
You can customize in-app purchases (IAP) by adding display names, descriptions, and icon for each. You can promote up to 20 of them on your product page. Each IAP will have its own title, promotional image and description.

Search Results
In iOS 11, besides your app’s profile page,other elements of your app will appear in search results:
  • Developers - In the updated App Store for iOS 11 the developer name has been moved below the fold (below description), so the users would need to scroll to get to see it.
  • In-app purchases
  • Categories
  • Editorial stories
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Collections
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