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Boost App Ranking via Positive App Ratings and Reviews
Yes, there’s no denying the importance of app ratings and reviews - they are the social proof that determines your app’s success. Users to the app stores flock to highly rated apps and read reviews to see if an app is worth downloading. 
And app ratings and reviews also affect your ASO and search rankings.

Effect of App Ratings and Reviews.
App ratings and review are all about gaining users’ trust, but they also have an impact on rankings and where your app shows up in an app store search. The apps have a rating of 4 or higher, showing that top rated apps are also the most downloaded. In short, breaking into the top lists and going viral is pretty tough without a high ranking.

How to Get Qualified App Reviews and 4/5-Star Ratings
1. Localize your app: to get rankings in as many key countries as possible.
2. Use push notification or pop-up messages in your app to ask for active users to give their feedback.
3. Counteract negative feedback by creating an in-app form for users to report bugs or issues.
4. Buy some positive app ratings and reviews from professional ASO company.

Hope this can be helpful to all of you. You can have a try to get more app ratings and reviews to promote your app.
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Great! To Make App Increase Keyword Ranking and Organic Downloads in the App Store Smile
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thanks .

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