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The Cheapest and Effective App Marketing Method
Based on my experience, the cheapest and effective app marketing method  is app store optimization.

What's app store optimization, it's a progress to increase your app visibility in the app stores. there are two ways to increase your app visibility in the app store, one is boosting your app ranking in the app store, the other one is increasing your keyword coverages. Let's detail the two methods.

Boost app ranking in the app stores
About boost app ranking, almost the whole progress is optimizing keywords, because just like SEO, keywords also play an important role in the app store ranking algorithm. For the low budget and new app, you should target those keywords have low competition and low traffic firstly, long tail keywords would be a good choice, which are much easier to rank for. You can add the most important keywords in your app title, which can increase your app ranking by 10.3%, you should also place 8~12 keywords in the description, which are beneficial to increase app ranking (only for Google Play Store). About the App Store, incorporate keywords in the name of in-app purchase items can also improve your app ranking.

Increase keywords coverage
The more keywords your app covers, you more chances it will get to be noticed and installed.Follow the following ways to increase your keywords coverage:
  • Avoid Repeating Keywords
  • Use digits not words
  • Use Shorter Keywords
  • Wipe off connectors and stop words
Besides, you can get some positive reviews to increase the download rates, because most people prefer to download an app which has much more positive reviews. It will not cost you much, but boost app downloads efficiently.
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