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10 Tips to Improve Your App Rank in the iOS App Store
Why you should boost your app ranking?

Data shows that over 63% of apps are discovered by general browsing or searching within the App Store, most people just scan the top20(even less) apps, which means that the higher the ranking in the app store is, the easier the number of app downloads increases.

10 Tips to Improve Your App Ranking
Target keywords with low competition and lower search volumes first
Use keyword research tools to find out keywords that have lower search volume and lower competition and rank well for those.

Target multi-word or long tail keywords
Multi-word keywords may be usually searched for less often, but will also be less competitive. And targeting the long tail is also a great choice for new developers/new apps to start, because they can be much easier to rank for.

Add Important Keyword in App Title
Place the strongest and more relevant key phrases in the App Title - the App Title has more weight in the algorithm, which can improve your app ranking by 10.3%.

In-App Purchases
In iOS App Store, the names of in-app purchases (IAP) are indexed in the app store search.To maximize your search exposure, be creative and include some app store keywords in the names of your IAP items.

Buy Keyword Search Installs
Buying keyword search installs, which can improve your app ranking instantly, about 8~10 hours, highly recommend.

Choose Categories Which Describe the Core Function of Your App
While choosing categories, focus on the core functionality of your app and not on secondary functions.

Get Keyword Reviews
Your app user reviews are also indexed by the app store search engine. Maybe we can’t control the users’ reviews, but we can get app reviews from third parties, what’s more, 95% users prefer to download an app which has much more positive reviews, especially for new app.

Get 4/5-Star Ratings
Ratings also play an important part in the rank algorithm, helping you show up for relevant key terms.

Reduce App Size
Try to make your app smaller than 100 MB. It is because users cannot download apps that are more than 100 MB using cellular service.

App Updates
Releasing regular updates has many benefits. It improves user loyalty and keeps an app top of mind because your app will show up in the updates list in the app stores. Apple also likes to see app updates because they show you’re committed to the app and that it’s still being maintained.
Asotop1 - Providing keyword search installs, boost your app ranking in 8~10 hours.

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