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4 Best Ways to Boost A Specific Keyword Ranking to Top 10
Generally speaking, most people download an app by searching keyword in the App Store, then boosting keyword ranking is one of the effective ways to boost app downloads. While the competition is fierce, especially for those keywords which has much more traffics and high download rates. It’s difficult but not impossible to boost the keyword to the top 10, Here are some best ways to achieve it.

Add the Keyword in App Title
The keywords included in app titles are by far the most heavily weighted in the algorithm, which can boost the keyword ranking by 10.3%.

Using Relevant Long Tail Keywords
Long tail keyword, which is much easier to rank for because of the low competition. Boosting long tail keywords ranking, which is beneficial to boost the specific keyword ranking. Once the ranking of the long tail keywords is improved, the specific keyword ranking will increase at the same time.

Buy keyword Search Installs
What is keyword search install? Keyword search install will include the usage of certain keywords which users are going to type while searching for an app. Keyword install will ensure that your app is popped up in the top list. Buy keyword search installs is the most efficient way to boost the keyword ranking, about 8~10 hours, your app ranking will be improved once a campaign is activated.

Buy Keyword Reviews
Buy keyword reviews, which can also improve your app ranking, what’s more, most people prefer t o download an app which has much more positive reviews, double benefit.

Hope the 4 methods are useful to you.

Asotop1 - Providing keyword search installs, boost your app ranking in 8~10 hours.
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