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What are the purposes of ASO?
Hello friends, I'm very glad to meet you here!

Today I want to talk about the pursures of ASO with you. ASO is the abbreviation of APP Store Optimization, it is an promotion method that using the search and ranking rules of app store to promote your app ranking and search result in the app store, and let more users know and download your app. As we all know that ASO is very important for an APP whether it is a new app or an old app, it is the basic thing app developers should do to promote their app. 

So what are the purposes of ASO?
1. To improve the coverage of hot words, and increase the exposure of your app. (Hot word is the word that users can search your app through putting the word in the search box).

2. Improving the ranking of hot word searching, increased the app downloads. According to the research, 73% users download an app through searching in the app store. ASO can bring more organic traffic and users.

3.Maintaining rankings. Ranking is the only way to maintain and improve the promotion effect. Whether the promotion effect of your app is bad or good, you should never ignore ASO and insist on doing ASO. Make your app ranking in the top and get more ROI.

Through the above we can learn that ASO can boost app rankings, and give developers more benefits. There are many companies can provide ASO service, you can learn more from there, and I will continue talk with you in the future. It is very nice for your reading. Smile
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