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How to boost app downloads without ASO?
ASO is a good way to boost your app downloads, but is a time consuming work, and it's not so easily for developers. Here are some easy ways to boost your app downloads.

Market Your App Effectively
Some efficent app promotion ways:
  • Email Marketing
  • SMS marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • App directory sites
  • Relevant blogs/forums
Social Media Outreach
The social media platforms where apps tend to get the most attention are:
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Youtube
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • FourSquare
  • Reddit
Consider Alterative App Stores
Do not rely only on Google Play & App Store; there are various other app stores on the online market where you can upload your app.
These are some very good app stores that you should consider:
  • GetJar
  • SlideMe
  • Opera Mobile Store
  • AppsLib
  • Amazon Appstore
  • AppBrain
Buy App Reviews and Buy App Ratings
Reviews and ratings, as two important signs of user experience, data shows that  75% users will take the app reviews as one of the most important reference factors to judge the app and  94% users would like to download those 4-5 rating apps.  They are also the most important factors checked by App Stores. Most apps with good reviews and 4-5 star ratings are featured on App Store.What's more, good reviews attract more meviews. Therefore, try to get more good reviews and high star ratings from users.

Cooperate with influencer
Most people like to follow others and be influenced by the words of some celebrities or well-known business people. Collaborate with these people can quickly build up your apps’ identity and gain recognition in related fields
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