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How to get featured on app store?
Understand What Apple Wants
If you understand what app wants, your app will be highly likely to be featured. For example, Apple posts new app curated lists every Thursday. So submit your app on Tuesday or Wednesday and you’ll get more chances to be featured in new curated lists.

The Quality Of Your App Is Tantamount
This point seems a little obvious, but we’re going to say it anyway: make sure your app is actually good.To earn Apple’s trust–and to get their seal of approval–make your app great.

Have All Your Marketing Media Ready
If Apple is going to feature your app in the store, it will give developers a heads up before it pulls the trigger. An Apple rep may call and ask for your marketing media—promo art, screenshots, icon, videos, description and meta data—to include as part of the feature.

Design your app like Apple
Apple has distinguished itself for a number of reasons. And one of them is definitely design. Apple wants to advertise apps that fit their aesthetic. So, they’re going to favor apps which prioritize smart, clean design.To make sure your app meets their standards, check out the iOS Human Interface Guidelines.

Make your app universal
Make sure your app works for all iOS products: iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. Universal apps align more closely with Apple’s business model, and are therefore another signal that you’re trying to build a good relationship. 

Keep your ratings & downloads up
Apple considers a lot of performance metrics when choosing apps for features. Unsurprisingly, user rating is one of them. Appbot found that over half of featured apps have high user ratings–4.5 or higher. So manage your user ratings in a good shape.You can guide your users to leave postive reviews on your app, or buy app ratings from third parties.
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