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How to Optimize App Keywords Step by Step?
When users start to tap the keywords into the search bar, the app store will provide the suggestion for them to find relevant apps. The higher your keywords rank, the more chances your app will be noticed. The majority users take this way to find something new in app stores. So it is essential to perfect the list of keywords in the keyword field. Today we will introduce effective ways to optimize app keywords to boost app ranking.

How to find a list of keywords?
  • Brainstorm: write down any words relevant to your app' functions, category, and features.

  • App Store keywords suggestions: standing in users' views, suggestions will benefit the perfect keywords in return.

  • Competitors' keywords, title, and description: it is a shortcut to gain inspiration from competitors.

  • Take advantage of a dictionary or other tools: find out all the synonyms.

  • Similar category hot apps: especially the latest or welcoming apps, it is useful to take their app title, description and even positive reviews as a reference.
Common mistakes to choose keywords
Apple App Store limits keywords to 100 characters in the keywords field. Unlike Apple, there is no specific field to fill in Google Play. Google Play will grab keywords from your description.
  • Usage of other brands or app names. Your app will benefit from its popularity for sure, but Apple highly forbids such practice.

  • Keywords with high ranking but unrelated to your app which review team will suspend your app in the review.

  • Separating words with spaces. For example, do not write your keywords as"dating, chat, flirt." The better one is: "dating, chat, flirt."

  • Stop words such as "the, of, and, for". It is a bad idea to write such keywords rather than more valuable one.

  • Keywords stuffing: There is no need to repeat keywords. Save spaces for more relevant one.

  • Company name & app name: app store will automatically add such words.

  • The keyword like "free" and relevant to category: app store will automatically sort your app into the relevant category.

  • Singular version and plural version: App Store algorithm is not intelligent as you expect, singular and plural version may get different search results. The better fit is to compare them with competition and traffic.
3 factors take into consideration 
Now you have made a list of keywords, but it is obvious that you can't put them all into your keywords field. On one hand, there is characters limit in the app store. On the other hand, it is a good choice to maximize value to optimize app keywords. There are 3 factors you can take consideration.

Traffic & competition
The possibility potential users find your app can largely depend on your app keywords in terms of traffic and competition which are key factors to filter right keywords from the list of keywords you have already made. It is more clear to make a spreadsheet for every keyword. The best choice is keywords with high traffic and less competition. But it is not easy to achieve this goal. Sometimes the less competitive one will bring your unexpected ranking.

At first, it is essential to make clear these questions: "What are your app's features? What is the specific group of your app users?" When you sort out target users, it is easy to match them with relevant keywords which should be based on collecting adequate data from relevant data tools. One thing needs to remember is that the unrelated keywords even with high search volumes are bad choices.

How to assess your app keywords' Performance?
It is crucial to track and analyze your app keywords and pick the most valuable one. We will focus on 2 factors to assess your app keywords' performance as follows:
  • Keywords coverage: the more coverage your app keywords contain, the high possibility users will find your app.

  • Keywords ranking: the higher keywords rank, the more downloads your app will gain.

What are the top ASO tools?
With millions of mobile apps in app stores, it’s a huge challenge for developers to optimize your app keywords to make more potential users to find out. It is hard for developers to collect and analyze data by themselves. With the help of ASO tools, it will make a difference. Whether you want to optimize your app keywords or analyze the performance of keywords, we will mention 5 top tools to boost your app downloads.
App keywords play an important role in gaining more exposure to reach target users. That’s why it is essential to optimize them. Above we introduce strategies to optimize app keywords for your app and 5 top effective tools to help you identify and track your keywords. 
Apprankingboost helps boost your app ranking to #1 in App Store with ASO services, positive app reviews, and 5-star ratings.

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