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Boost your app rank with KeyApp.Top
Our KeyApp team offers app promotional services to android developers. We have a huge number of users all around USA, so we pay them for each install or review, it’s incentivized traffic and it's totally safe and effective. In addition, we have discounts and bonus programs. You can get free trial to test our service after you signed up.

How does our service work:
1. Choose a keyword you want to increase your search ranks for.
2. Buy keyword installs with the help of our service.
3. Enjoy #1 rank of your application in organic search for your keyword.

Our prices are:
1 keyword install 0.16 $
1 keyword install + rate 0.22 $
1 keyword install + rate + review 0.27 $

1 package install 0.09 $
1 package install + rate 0.15 $
1 package install + rate + review 0.20 $

We provide only US installs, but we might increase our user geo in a near future.
Check out details at our website KeyApp.Top
If you are interested, or have any further questions, please contact us via e-mail: or skype: karen.rendall_1
We(asotop1) also provide the service, boost your iOS and Android app ranking with keyword search installs.

We support multiple countries and install types for you to choose from. Get your apps targeted precisely and maximize your ROI effectively.
ASOTOP1 - a professional  app store optimization company,

providing professional and high effective app store optimization services.

Boost App Store Ranking via App Store Optimization and Get App Ranked in Search Results
Hello! Some people think that to increase their apps' rank they need to buy tons of simple installs, ratings, reviews for their app.

Our service provides such type of installs as keyword installs. It means that users, who we pay, install your application by certain keyword you choose, so the more downloads your application for a specific keyword, the higher it is in the ranking when searching. We provide such installs for 0.16$ per one.

More information about keyword promotion you can read and ask on our site KeyApp.Top or write to our support team:
Hi, our clients usually ask us what kind of traffic we provide?

We provide incentivized traffic! That means that we have a real user base and we pay them for installations of your app. Our installs geolocation is USA, but we plan to increase our users' geo in near future. So follow our service's thread and get details on our site KeyApp.Top

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