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Tips on how to Create an App Video to Increase Conversion
Importance of App Video
Surveys show that videos can both increase and decrease your conversion by up to 25%, and videos can be visually rich and can help deliver your message in ways screenshots and text cannot. So it is extremely important that you create a good app video.

Follow these valuable tips to create a good app video:
First and foremost, your video should tell the world what your app does.Showcasing your app this way makes the decision process for your audience easy; if they see a practical use for your app, they’ll download it.

Keep it short
Make your video short, sweet and to the point if you want a viewer to reach the end. A short video with a strong message can do much more than a long video with lots of details.

Introduce the App & Its Value
An app video should be brief and should instantly introduce your app and the value it brings. It is recommended not to go into the details. Be brief when introducing the app.

Filming yourself actually using the different features of your app is one of the most cost-effective ways of producing a video, and can still be remarkably persuasive when done well.

Practical Benefits
It’s far more powerful to talk in terms of the practical benefits of your app to your end users, rather than endlessly listing off its features.

The more entertaining your video is, the more often viewers will want to share it with their friends.

An app video plays an extremely important role in educating and encouraging your visitors to become your customers. Creating video is a continuous process – keep testing the video and make adjustments to improve.
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