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Best Ways to Promote Mobile App for Free
When you develop an app, you want to reach out to people. You want to get many downloads. There are many ways to promote your app, Here are some efficient ways you can promote mobile app for free.

Create a Website/Blog for Your App
Blogger, Tumblr, and Posterous all give you a place to host a free website and you'll be able to supply this link to everyone if they want more info about your app. Put social buttons like Stumble Upon, Digg, Facebook Share, and ReTweet all on your website so that people can tell their friends and community about your app.
Join facebook and linkedin groups
Linkedin is a massive social network with 400 million business professionals and Facebook has over 1 billion users. They represent many markets, many industries and has groups for just about everything you can think of.
Join relevant groups to promote your app, explain the benefit of using the app and why they should use the app. If you find a big group, contact the admin of the group and ask them to help you promote your app.
Press releases
Press releases can be another good way to get free buzz for your app. Write the press release and send it to some press contacts you know might be interested in publishing tech or digital media news. It will boost your popularity and raise awareness, especially if you’re conveyed by popular media. Use screenshots in your press release and a link to download your app.
App Review Websites
Pitching your app to some app review sites is also another great free marketing resource. Sites like 148apps, AppStoreApps and AppAdvice can help you generate a lot of buzz for your app.
Create a Demo Video
Videos are the perfect way to show people how cool your app is. Be sure to put it on youtube and any others you can find.
Email marketing
Ensure that potential customer emails are collected from your website, Twitter or Facebook account. This can be a useful marketing tool for your app. Don’t forget to add your app download link in you email signatures: if you send out 250 emails a week, then 1,000 people a month have an opportunity to download your app with essentially no extra work.
Take part in app contests
By participating to app contests, you will gain visibility and increase awareness, as you will get some press coverage.
Share Content on Pinterest
Post screenshots, infographics, blog images, and visual content (like customer photos) from your app to share content on your Pinterest board.
Mention your app in your social media (and other) profiles
Mention and link to your app from your profiles on social networks and other communities you participate in. People often check profiles of the people they are communicating with and there’s a chance to grab their attention.
Get your app into the appropriate app stores
This provides more shelf space to get your app seen by potential users. It also facilitates the process of updating app information and functionality later on.
Get Good Reviews and High-star Ratings
Reviews and ratings, as two important signs of user experience. Most audiences are tend to download an app which with much more good reviews and higher ratings . Therefore, try to get more good reviews and high star ratings from users. Of course, if you budget is enough, you can also get from third parties, like reviewapp4u, economical and effective.
Update your App Regularly
Freshness is an important factor in app stores. Add few updates to your app and communicate about it to your social media audience and to your users directly (in your app description for example).
Try to answer questions on various popular forums
If you bring valuable content and relevant answers to public questions on forums like Quora, you will increase your chances of getting known. If your app is a problem solver, mention it on your post. Otherwise, don’t be too self-promotional.
App promotion is a continuous process, hope these methods are useful to you.
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