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KeyApp.Top - apps promotion
Our bonus program currently has one more item - it's YouTube video review of our service. We will recharge your balance with 100$ if you make a good video review and fill our requirements:
  • Your YouTube video has to include a short description of our service (smth like: "This service help developers in promotion of their Android applications. KeyApp.Top offer following services - keyword search installs and standard application installs").
  • Your YouTube video review has to include a guide how to set a campaign on our site in the tab "My orders". In your YouTube video you have to describe following tabs of your personal cabinet: "My Keywords", "Add Money", "Referral Program", "Blog" (just a few words about their main options).
  • Your YouTube video review has to be 2 minutes long minimum.
  • You're always welcome if you made a guide or review in your native language (we accept videos not only in English).
  • Your YouTube video has to include link to our website (you can use your referral link).
  • Your YouTube video has to include link to our FB page:
  • Your YouTube video has to describe your likes or dislikes of our service.
  • You can’t mention in your YouTube video that you receive free bonuses for making it.
  • Your YouTube video review has to stay alive for 2 days minimum.
Please email us a link to your video with the title "YouTube video review", we will check it, and if it meets all requirements, you will get your bonus.
Hey! We return back our Brazil region, so you can promote your app there again. We hope there will be the demand for that region. So check all our regions we can deliver installs from:
· Australia
· Canada
· Great Britain
· Brazil
· Germany
· India
Make sure to visit our site to try out new regions to market your Android app and new features of our service!
ASOTOP1 can provide iOS keyword installs, they can help increase app downloads and boost app ranking via keyword search optimization. They have rich experience and have helped many app developers, you can have a try on it.
Buyappratings Grow Users on App Store and Boost Revenue with 5-Star Ratings.
Hi everybody! Some of our customers think that to increase their apps' rank they need to buy tons of standard installs, ratings, reviews for their app.
Our service provides such type of installs as keyword installs. It means that users, who we pay, install your application by a specific keyword you've chosen. We provide such installs for 0.16$ per one.

When user enters his search request, he uses keywords. Then in the list of applications he offered, there will be those that contain the given keyword in the description, title, etc. Google sorts them by the number of downloads by users who used these words in their request. Accordingly, the more downloads your application for a certain keyword, the higher it is in the ranking when searching. Promotion by keywords is more efficient and less expensive for developers. The promotion itself becomes directional, so you target the chosen audience.

More information about keyword promotion you can read and ask on our site KeyApp.Top or write to our support team:
New Year Discount! Our best offer!

Hello, guys! We know you waited for it!
Our New Year Discount is here again

[Image: banner_ny_forum_big.jpg][Image: i.gif]

This is the best offer we’ve ever had!

From 19th to 31st of December all the payments starting from 100$ get 50% bonus from the payment amount right to your KeyApp.Top balance! All current bonuses are not applied during this period.

This is the best time of the year to earn money from your apps! So boost your ranks to the TOP and celebrate your successful holiday promotion! Start your campaigns at
Hi, again
We still offer New Year's Discount to our clients!

For every single transaction, more than 100$ - you will get 50% cashback from your amount.

Don't miss the chance, visit our site -!
Hello, there! If someone still doesn't know that we can deliver installs from several regions, so check all our regions we offer installs from:
· Australia
· Brazil
· Canada
· Great Britain
· Germany
· India
Our service always try to open new regions for app promotion, so make sure to visit our site to try out new features!
Hi, there! We know that our clients from different countries and some of them don't use PayPal or WebMoney. That's why our clients can make payments on our site through different payment methods:
  • PayPal
  • Credit Card
  • WebMoney
  • Bitcoin
  • Wire transfer
We try our best to make your app promotion more convenient, safe and fast!
It is dangerous to use review, you can use the totally free platform to check your keywords and then boost them. we can do it well.

(06-22-2017, 10:29 AM)Karen Rendall Wrote: Hello, everyone! Today we are testing our new countries where you can promote your app! They are:

· Great Britain
· Germany
· Australia
· Canada
· Brazil
· India
· Japan
· Korea

Be sure to check your apps’ rank on those markets and if you would like to boost your app there, we would be glad to work with you! Don’t forget about US market, we provide installs from there too.
Check KeyApp.Top to test it with new geos!

It is really dangerous to use reviews or rates. It they are done by real people, it is good. If not, that explains you are recieving the fake service, cause all these were done by the bot. Therefore Google will find it. You can check our platform. Totally free for you to trend your keywords and we also provide good ASO service. If you want to learn more about Blackhat ASO, please follow mt twitter. A serial articles about it!

(07-04-2017, 06:07 AM)dtlc Wrote:
(06-27-2017, 09:54 AM)Karen Rendall Wrote: Our rates and reviews sometimes get deleted by Google, it's common problem of all CPI companies. So that's why our rates and reviews are so cheap.
Usually we recommend our clients to purchase keyword installs to get higher in ranking on Google Play Store, you don't need tons of rates and reviews to get to the top, just keyword installs will be enough!
We also want to ensure you that if your app won't increase its rank we'll refund you!

ALL rates and reviews were deleted, though! Every single one of them.  Sad

Additionally, in response to your quote above, my total downloads on the Google Play page has not changed, so ALL of my keyword installs were deleted as well!
It is not good to use reviews or rates bro. Keywords install is the point to boost your app if you want to use blackhat ASO service.
Hey, guys!

We have great news for you! We enable rates and reviews so you can purchase them through our service again.
Now you can buy custom reviews or our template reviews. You also can add them as .txt file!

Visit our site – KeyApp.Top for more information or ask our support team –

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