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KeyApp.Top - apps promotion
You should check it by all means! We have a created a great Google Play Keyword Tool, that will help you to see what keywords your app rank for, here it is There you'll find some information about ranking, app promotion and mobile marketing. Visit it if you’re interested in Android keyword installs and ASO!
Hello! Don't forget that we can provide bonuses for all our customers. KeyApp.Top offer 30$ bonus for the post or success story about our service on Android-related forums or on Facebook.
We also have payment bonus for each single transaction > 500$, here it is:
  • 500$ - 1000$ - 10% bonus
  • 1000$ - 3000$ - 20% bonus
  • 3000$ - 5000$ - 25% bonus
  • 5000$ - 10000$ - 30% bonus
KeyApp.Top is announcing a WEEKLY DISCOUNT!

[Image: ?]

Winter is coming and Christmas is just around the corner which means, it's time for BIG MONEY! 
A pre-holiday period of November – December is the best time for app developers to earn. You have about a month to boost your applications to the top positions on Google Play to get the biggest revenue of the year. 
From September 25th - October 1st, we remove all our payment bonuses and leave only TWO bonuses for each single transaction:
  • Payments less than 999$ receive a 25% bonus to payment amount

  • Payments more than 1000$ receive a 50% bonus to payment amount
Don't miss this opportunity to push your app to the very TOP and make more money than ever before!
Your traffic is bot! To Make App Increase Keyword Ranking and Organic Downloads in the App Store Smile
(09-27-2017, 03:50 AM)keanderson Wrote: Your traffic is bot!

We provide installs from real people and real devices. Our clients have never had problems with Google because of our service. If Google punished developers for our installs, they would use our service to suppress their competitors.

As I understand you are here to advertise your service?
Hello, guys! Our weekly discount has come to an end and our payment bonuses return to their previous positions.
I'd like to remind you what payment bonus we can apply for each single transaction:
  • 500$ - 1000$ - 10% bonus
  • 1000$ - 3000$ - 20% bonus
  • 3000$ - 5000$ - 25% bonus
  • 5000$ - 10000$ - 30% bonus
For example, if you pay 600$ - you will receive 600+60=660$, or if you pay 2500$ - you receive 2500+500 = 3000$
You can make payments on our site through different payment methods:
  • PayPal
  • Credit Card
  • WebMoney
  • Bitcoin
  • Wire transfer
We try our best to make your app promotion more convenient, safe and fast!
Our customers usually ask us about what package install means? Our site KeyApp.Top provides 2 types of Android installs:

  • package installs (simple or regular there are a lot of definitions)
  • keyword installs
Package install is a direct install by a package id, keyword install is an install by keyword (by which a user searches the app), keyword installs are more effective as they increase the rank, clients order package installs if they just want to have more installs in the statistics, we recommend keyword installs to boost your apps' rank!
Greetings to you, guys! You can find a new feature on our site, it's keyword suggestion.

If you want to promote your app with keyword installs, now it will be easier. The only thing you need is to choose your main keyword and then add it to our service. You will be able to find secondary keywords and promote them at first, not only to be ranked with your main keyword but also with many other high traffic keywords.

We always recommend our clients to start their app promotion with low traffic keywords and then gradually add keywords with more organic traffic.
Good luck and successful promotion!
Guys! Our service has a Facebook page where we post the latest news about ASO, mobile marketing and KeyApp.Top

I'd recommend you to follow us and keep up with new features in the of Android app promotion!
Hi, again! Some of our potential clients ask us about examples of app promotion on our site or case studies.
You can view them in our blog - here.
In our blog, you can find such topics as ASO tricks, Android news, links to services that will help you to promote your app, news of our service KeyApp.Top

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