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ASO Tools List
Keyword Research
  • – App Store and Play Store auto fill keywords.
  • Uber Suggest – general keyword research (acquired by Neil Patel of Kissmetrics and Crazy Egg).
  • – general auto fill from popular web search engines and the App Store.
  • Tune – (purchased ASO tool MobiledevHQ) and focuses on integration of the whole app marketing/analytics/attribution/engagement stack.
  • Apptweak (pictured in feature graphic) – general tool with an especially good breadth of keyword discovery/tracking/optimization features, and provides regular new product updates.
  • Searchman – older and less common than other ASO tools these days, has a unique visibility score and store listing optimization process.
  • Mobile Action – good general tool providing a variety of ASO features and regular new product updates.
  • The Tool – new kid on the block, provides general ASO research and also focuses on identifying the organic impact of paid downloads; created by Daniel Peris of ASO agency PickASO.
  • ASOdesk – general ASO tool, focuses on attributing organic downloads to keywords.
  • Sensor Tower – general ASO tool that puts out great data and studies, yet Sensor Tower's product has remained the same for some time now.
  • App Radar – general ASO tool, focuses on keyword research.1
  • AppFollow – general ASO tool with a focus on reporting integrations such as Slack and a feature that pushes optimized listings directly to the App Store.
Rankings Reporting
  • Applyzer – focuses on tracking keywords/apps/reviews.
Market Intelligence
  • App Annie – the largest ASO tool with tons of features; provides many features for free and has an expensive enterprise service tier.
  • Priori Data – competitive and market data, plus recently-released keyword research features.
  • Apptopia – tracks competition and provides intelligence on advertising, too.
  • Metrics Cat – tracks competitors and keywords.
  • Appfigures - provides a very extensive amount of app data, intelligence and automation tools.
App Listing A/B Testing
  • Splitmetrics - A/B testing tool, also provides Search Ads testing and puts out good case study research.
  • Store Maven - more premium-oriented A/B testing tool, has a design studio for improving creative collaboration efforts, and puts out good case study research.
  • TestNest - most self-serve-oriented A/B testing tool.
  • RaiseMetrics - A/B testing tool, new kid on the block.
Review Optimization
  • Apptentive – extensive user feedback tool, provides surveying, review optimization and other user communication features.
  • Appbot – mines app reviews for insight.
Other ASO Tools
[+] 2 users say Thank You to Bucks for this post

I'm Daniel Peris from TheTool. Thanks for including it in your ASO tools list.

BTW, feel free to ask anything related to ASO or TheTool ASO tool, I'm happy to help!

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Thank you for information. I'm a beginner webmaster. I would like to gain experience soon. I think that practice will help. I used to work with CPIMobi platform. For ASO it is very comfortable because of easy to use interface and a full set of working tools. You can choose the format of advertising and monitor its effectiveness.
Improving the visibility - aso for mobile products
Want to say thank you too. I agree with gastonburns. But still this information can be actual even for webmasters with the experience. Nothing stands still. Nothing stands still. The world of consumerism is changing, and with it the approach to product perception is changing. The same is changing the current tools for marketers, advertisers, project managers. You need to constantly expand your horizons and put yourself in the place of your consumer for being on the same wave with the trends.
Let people know about your app
Details: <<
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