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How to find the top keywords
What to know what people are searching on iTunes in order to target those keywords?

Easy, open the App Store app, go to search, type "A" and wait, them type "B" or "Aa" and so on. Got it?

Next to know how easy it would be to rank for the keyword you've found, go to sensortower or appannie and check the number of results (your competitors)

Now THANK me Wink
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Thank you man . this is a good info
Hi , Thnx man
but i Have a Question , How to find The Top Keyword for They other countries Please !!
(05-18-2016, 10:55 AM)Mizooz93 Wrote: Hi , Thnx man
but i Have  a Question , How to find The Top Keyword for They other countries Please !!

You may go to AppAnnie to check all the relevant keywords and select the country, then you will see the competition.

For example, enter any keywords,

And then you will see many app. And open one, check the left column Keyword/ASO, you will see its ranking and competition results.

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This method is old but gold. Anyway, there are a lot of new ways and tools you can use to find not only top performing keywords but long-tail keywords as well.
Think of the core keywords. Then take those and cross reference in App Annie for relevance. If your competition isn't there, then probably shouldn't be either.

Also, use Mobile Action for keyword research and get more ideas.
You can use our ASO tool, and check top apps on each category on each country. You'll find some good ideas with these:
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thank you. it 's the easiest way to get keywords. hahahahaha
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