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How does NativeX Search Spike work
Hi all,

nativeX has a product called Search Spike.

It is supposed to help you rank for certain keywords. From what I understand they accomplish this by increasing the amount of downloads you get but related to a specific keyword. They do not however seem to be using a farm to do this but instead creating ad campaigns. How are they accomplishing this? My guess is maybe they link an ad on say facebook to a prompt for a user to search for a keyword on the app store? Anyone has any insights about this?

From their FAQ:

"Your ads are built using assets from the app store available for your app.  NativeX focuses on delivering your Search Spike campaign(s) to real-users.  The campaign mechanics are designed to drive user actions that improve your keyword rank.  These actions are common actions users take and users may or may not receive incentives for completing the actions.  This is all fully managed by NativeX.  "
Regardless their pitch is they can increase ranking for specific keywords... and that is manipulation of the algorithm , that by default, is BlackHAT.
if you sell a service where you are promoting to rank any app for X ranking for X amount of money, by taking advantage of the algorithm flaws... that is BlackHAT.

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