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Hi, I am working on a new app, called Winkmi, and I would need some feedback, tips, and advices about how to improve and promote it.

I am also looking for ASO methods, free or paid (but cheap please). If you please can help me I will be gratful, cause I have realy no idea about that.

I have found some ideas, as A/B testing the store page, and buying downloads and google plus likes, but I will appreciate any idea.

1. Create a lot of fake hot chicks profiles as bait. (can also use fiver to get a couple real ones)
2. Mail invite every perv from the Ashley Madison hacked db file

1. Create fake profiles of famous people
2. Use the Insta Followers app or similar hack to get tons of free likes from real users

3. Ask them to see a rewarded video for login for free
4. Profit
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Hey you can use our free tool for ASO -


You can check that site buy reviews to your android apps for 0.2$ -

hi, about new app promotion, there are several ways
1. share your app to your facebook, etc,
2.asking your friends search, download it and write a good review
3.coopertating with other APPs
4.share on bbs etc.

about ASO, firstly you should choose a good app name and beautiful icon, then attract people's eyes.

and there are many  good app store optimization company provide ASO services
our company is one of them, professional, high effective and economical Smile
any need, plz feel free contact us. Skype: business_1298
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