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Gabriel Machuret - Bucks - 02-10-2015

I don't know about you guys, but I think this guy is full of bullshit. I mean, what has he ever did to prove he's an "expert"?

RE: Gabriel Machuret - andry - 02-11-2015

he is selling projects at

RE: Gabriel Machuret - Bucks - 02-14-2015

I thought he had given up on that when he got uncovered reselling apps for 1/10 of the price without permission from chupamobile

RE: Gabriel Machuret - ASOguy - 08-28-2015

he is a bullshit , if any one wants to lean ASO , contact me

best regards

RE: Gabriel Machuret - thompAso - 05-16-2016

So full of shit, stay away from this guy and his courses, especially this one!

What a waste of time and money. The guy says absolutely NOTHING and in general, the quality of the course sucks big time. It seriously does look the course is not bad.