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  Make your app get featured through these methods
Posted by: Mangosix - 11-24-2017, 07:25 AM - Forum: Downloads - No Replies

As we all know that there are millions of apps in the app store, and there are more than 1600 apps being submitted to the App Store daily, and the amounts are still increasing day by day. So the competition of app is very intense. There is no doubt that every app developer wants their app get featured on app store in front of millions of apps. Although it is a difficult thing, it is not an impossible thing. Here I want to share some methods about how to make your app get featured on App Store.

1. Knowing the app store rules
App developers should know the rules of how and what kind of apps get chosen as features. Download the apps which are already be featured on the app store, and analyze the apps' advantages, learn the useful things from it. 

2. Creating an unique and high quality app
App developers not only need to design a high-quality app but also design a unique app to help your app outstanding from other competitors and attract more users. This method will help to get your app featured.

3. App Store Optimization
App store optimization plays a vital important role to help you get your app featured on App Store. App store optimization helps to boost your app ranking, make your app be searched and known by more potential users. You can do it from these following aspects or cooperate with some reliable ASO companies, such as ASOTOP1 and tapaso.

  • Create a simple but attractive title.
  • Choose the keywords relevance, traffic, and competition into account.
  • Choose some attractive screenshots and make a short video which can show the functions and advantages of your app.
  • List the functions and advantages of your app. Besides, adding your keywords as more as possible to the first three lines of the description.

4. Buy positive app reviews
Reviews and ratings are the most important factors which can represent users experience. Most apps with good reviews and 4-5 star ratings are featured on App Store. Therefore, buy positive app reviews and high star ratings from reliable company.They can guarantee that all app reviews are from real users.

5. Get more installs
The number of downloads is another factor taken into account by ios app store when selecting featured apps. High downloads mean people like and need your app. If your app gets high downloads, it is more likely that it will get featured. Here I recommend you buy app installs from ASOTOP1. They can provide high quality app reviews and ratings with keywords. They can help increase your app downloads and boost app ranking. If you have need, you can have a try. 

In Conclusion
Above methods will help to get your app featured on App Store. However, just do one or two points mentioned above is not enough, you should combine all these strategies if you want to increase the chances of getting your app featured on App Store.

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  How to avoid negative app reviews and get more positive app reviews
Posted by: Mangosix - 11-23-2017, 07:57 AM - Forum: Reviews - No Replies

Hi friends, see you again here. As we all know that app reviews are an important factor of App Store Optimization. It have a large impact in the app stores’ algorithms. Negative reviews will reduce the downloads of your app. Users are less likely to download some apps with negative reviews. Therefore, positive reviews mean your app is a good one, and result in boosting app store rankings. So this guide will introduce you about how to avoid bad app reviews, how to get positive app reviews.

How to Avoid Negative Reviews
These methods will help avoid a large portion of negative app reviews. However, Some negative reviews are inevitable, as some people are simply impossible to please – but many are easily avoided. Therefore, it’s essential that try everything possible to avoid as more as negative app store reviews.

Before launching your app, make sure you’ve solved all of these following issues. Here are several ways to avoid negative app reviews.

1. Test Again and Again
Test your app again and again before launching it to the App Store. You can do testing to quicken the process and smoothen the app process for your user.

2. Ensure App Users Know What to Expect from Your App
Video is frequently becoming the fastest way to show your app. Downloaders will know what to expect from the app by watching the video.

3. Have an Effective Customer Support
Effective customer service makes a big difference on a frustrated, unhappy, disappointed clients give negative reviews. When your customers are well attended for outstanding customer support, they are possible to share positive and quality reviews, even turn a bad review into a positive review.

How to Manage Negative App Reviews
It’s both difficult and time-consuming to push the reviews back up once a number of poor reviews already exist. So you need to learn how to deal with bad or negative app reviews.

1. Make an Formal Apology
Whatever reviews said, just make an polite apology to your end users and reply them like “We’ re sorry for bringing you unpleasant experience, we’re glad that you help us find bugs, thank you for letting us have this chance to fix this for you, please do not hesitate to let us know if there is anything we can do to bring you a pleasant experience.”

2. Inform Users Timely When Bugs Are Fixed
Fix bugs quickly after you give the feedback and inform users to updated the new version in a pop-up window, then ask them to re-review your app in another pop-up window. If users are leaving negative comments because of bugs, this will help to decrease the negative app reviews.

How to Get More Positive App Reviews
1. Incentivize Users
You can provide free upgrades or in-app present in exchange for a positive review.

2. Ask for help
Ask at the suitable time-Prompt users with a request to review your app after they have completed their task or just been awarded, because they are likely in a better mood and likely to give you a positive review.
Ask politely and be clear– You can send a two-parts question like, “do you like this app?” If they choose yes, redirect them to the app store. If they choose no, redirect them to an internal feedback page. By this way, you’ll only receive positive reviews and you can go over negative ones.

3. Keep Communication Open with Users
If you have an official website for your app, you can provide customer support or add a complaint/ feedback area on your site to make your users get in touch with you timely or bring feedback to you.

4. Buy positive reviews
If you did everything above and other things you could, but you still can’t change the negative reviews for your app. At this time, you should consider buying positive app reviews from reliable company. I recommend you Bestreviewapp to cooperate with. They can provide you real reviews from real users. This is the most effective way to get more positive reviews and high ratings. Many developers have chosen use it.

Above are the methods about how to avoid negative reviews and get more positive reviews. Hope this is helpful~

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  How to boost app ranking
Posted by: Mangosix - 11-22-2017, 07:35 AM - Forum: Downloads - No Replies

Data shows that nearly 80% users download an app through searching, they open up the search box and enter different words relating to the apps they intend to download. Then, your app may be found in the App Store if it is ranked well. However, you should know that only your app has a good ranking, it can be found by users. Before knowing how to get a higher ranking, you should learn the main factors affecting app store ranking.

Developers should know that app store optimization will determine your app ranking. Here are several main factors you need to consider when working on ASO.

1. Keywords 
How well your keywords tally with what people are looking for determines how much ranking you get. Using keywords that are extremely popular will make you have a lot of apps to compete with, which will affect your ranking in turn. You need to make some research on relevant keywords you can use. You must also check and modify your keywords regularly, this will enable your app to get better visibility.
Your main keywords must be included in the full name of your app, your app keyword, app description as well. You can also make use of the store’s search auto-complete option to help you recognize popular keyword combinations that might have been missed by others.

This is another vital factor that affects how well your app ranks in its store. The more downloads you get, the higher positive your app get in the app store. Having a lot of downloads, will get you up to the top in a short period of time.

3. Reviews and Ratings
This is one popular ASO factor that affects how much your app ranks in the app store. Getting real, positive reviews and high ratings for your app are going to keep you on top of your competitors. But remember the positive reviews and high ratings must come from real users, otherwise your app will be removed from app stores. So I recommend you buy app reviews and ratings from reliable company, which can promise all the reviews are from real users.

4. Recently Updated Apps
Updating your app on the App Store will give you a short-term elevation. If your app is in the App Store, it is probably a bad idea for you to go on early release. Make sure your update comes with improvements that will generate a lot of thumbs up from your users, which will generate positive reviews for you in turn.

There are a lot of other factors affecting App Store ranking, but keeping all of these in mind is surely improve your app store optimization and to take your products to where users are going to see them.

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  Increase App Downloads via Useful ASO Guide
Posted by: Burgess - 11-22-2017, 06:28 AM - Forum: Downloads - Replies (1)

It is difficult to get more benefits after launching your app. Because your apps would be knocked out under the environment of the competition in app marketing. What are you waiting for? Just take actions to promote your app and increase app downloads.
You can follow the useful ASO guide to optimize your app and boost app ranking.

1. Right app keywords
You can analysis your competitors to select some keywords. Choosing the proper keywords that have lower search volume and lower competition and rank well by some professional app store optimization tools, such as Sense Tower, App Annie.
2. Suitable category
Focus on the core functionality of your app and not on the secondary functions. Since you can select only one category, it's important to select carefully. Look for categories less saturated with competitors that fit your niche marketing.
3. More positive app ratings and reviews
App ratings and reviews can affect your app ranking and influence the decision of potential users to download your app. Thus you must have more qualified app reviews and 4/5-star ratings to make your app reliable. Now you can buy more positive app ratings and reviews from ASO2Top with 50% sales.

You can follow the ASO guide to promote your app and you will get a great result. If you have any question, you can contact us anytime.

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  The fastest way to get more APP installs
Posted by: Mangosix - 11-21-2017, 07:40 AM - Forum: Downloads - No Replies

Hi friends, as we all know that more installs your app get, more installs your app will get. I mentioned this before. In order to get large amount downloads, for the app developers, the first thing they should do is to make their app have a large user base. Only your app have a certain amount installs, it can be searched and installed. 

So how to get more app downloads is very important for every app developer. I share some methods about this question, but the most effective and fastest way to get more app installs is to buy app installs from a professional company. This is a time and energy saving way. I recommend you ASOTOP1 to cooperate with. A campaign performance shows up in 8-10 hours once it is activated. They give you instant improvement and you are totally in control of your app store optimization. And also they support multiple countries and install types for you to choose from. Get your apps targeted precisely and maximize your ROI effectively. You can find more information on the website.

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  Buy Keyword Installs to Promote Your App in a Short Time
Posted by: CassieAdah - 11-20-2017, 06:15 AM - Forum: Downloads - Replies (1)

If you're looking for a way to increase your app ranking on the app store search results and attract hundreds of organic new users every day, starting to buy keyword installs for your app. Keyword installs are installs those happen as a result of the user browsing app store search using specific words or word combinations. A successful keyword ranking campaign will help you boost app ranking and increase app downloads.

The first thing you need to do is optimize app name and description using the relevant keywords. We know that app store keyword optimization plays an important part in app promotion, and it is an affecting factor of app ranking. Then you'll need to ensure a steady daily traffic delivered to the page for the campaign to start. After you buy keyword installs, your keywords can rank at the top of the app store search results. Now you can win more organic traffic every day.

Now, ASO2top.com has big sales that you can buy keyword installs with 50% off. Just keep breathing and what you can buy for the same amount of money gets diploid installs. Do not hesitate, join us to get.

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  Buy cheep App installs for android And ios
Posted by: steamseo - 11-18-2017, 08:47 AM - Forum: Downloads - Replies (1)

Android Normal  Installs

We offer normal Android  installing , which helps increasing your app's ranking.
Our users manually search for your app  and they install & open it. This is the quickest and cheapest way to improve your app's position.

The price is $0.12/install. (Will be cheaper if you order regular basis.)

Skype : steamseo9

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  Buy Keyword Search Installs to Boost App Ranking in 8~10 hours
Posted by: steamseo - 11-15-2017, 05:00 PM - Forum: Keywords - No Replies

Buying keyword search installs, which can boost your app ranking efficiently.

We provide this kind of service, we can guarantee that your app ranking will be improved in 8~10 hours once the campaign is activated. If there is no improvement, money back guarantee.

We have a large unmber of users around all the world, supporting multiple countries and install types for you to choose from. Get your apps targeted precisely.

Worldwide game lovers and app players gather all together to search, install and play your apps.

If there is any needs, please feel free to contact us: steamseo.com

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  2 steps to Boost Your App to Top 3
Posted by: steamseo - 11-15-2017, 04:35 PM - Forum: Special offers - No Replies

Data shows that over 63% of apps are discovered by general browsing or searching within the App Store, and the top 3 apps account for 70% of the search traffics. If your app reached to top 3, then you can expect tens of thousands of target users to hit your app store page, then generate much more downloads. Follow the following 2 steps to boost your app to top 3.

Choose those keywords which are easy to rank for
For a new app, choose those keywords which are easy to rank for. After gaining some downloads, start using keywords with higher traffic and reasonable difficulty, which can help your app stack up more downloads. 

Besides relevance, competition and traffic, you should also take download rates into consideration. Even if you rank top 3, if the keyword has no download rates, useless. 

You can evaluate your keywords with keyword tools, such as SensorTower,App Annie,App Tweak,Appcodes,Search Man,etc.

Buy Keyword Search Installs
Your app ranking will be improved in 8~10 hours by buying keyword search installs.It’s one of the most effective ways to boost app ranking, most developers, even companies have boost app their app ranking with this method. steamseo provides this kind of service, which support multiple countries and install types for you to choose from, get your app targeted precisely, highly recommend.

Besides boost your app ranking, you can also buy app reviews to increase the download rates - data shows that 88% users trust reviews as much as personal recommendations, and 95% users prefer to download an app which has much more positive reviews. What’s more, those apps which have much more positive reviews rank much higher than others.

Hi everyone! Some of our customers think that to increase their apps' rank they need to buy tons of standard installs, ratings, reviews for their app.
Our service provides such type of installs as keyword installs. It means that users, who we pay, install your application by a specific keyword you choose. We provide such installs for 0.22$ per one.

When user enters his search request, he uses keywords. Then in the list of applications he offered, there will be those that contains the given keyword in the description, title, etc. Google sorts them by the number of downloads by users who used these words in their request. Accordingly, the more downloads your application for a certain keyword, the higher it is in the ranking when searching. Promotion by keywords is more efficient and less expensive for developers. The promotion itself becomes directional, so you target the chosen audience.

More information about keyword promotion you can read and ask on our site: steamseo.com

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  Buy App installs
Posted by: steamseo - 11-15-2017, 04:29 PM - Forum: Special offers - No Replies

ios   keyword Installs

We offer keyword installing , which helps increasing your app's ranking.
Our users manually search for your app with the selected keyword and they install & open it. This is the quickest and cheapest way to improve your app's position.

The price is $0.35/install. (Will be cheaper if you order regular basis.)

         Buy Android And ios app installs at steamseo.com     skype: steamseo9

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